In putting together this collage of photo highlights for 2010 I was struck by how much my family is growing up. Most noticeable is my youngest, Ellie, starting first grade, becoming more independent and missing all 4 front teeth at the same time (that look is almost gone already and I kind of miss it). Anna recently became a teenager and has continued to grow into an even more stunning and talented young woman. She played “Brigitta” in a local production of Sound of Music, competed with her dance team winning division championships and also competed in three solo dance events throughout the year taking a second and a first place in two of them. Austin is now my tallest child (I think I’m going to end up the smallest) and has grown in many ways, showing compassion and caring to his little sister by spending time playing with her and including her in some of his kitchen adventures. He started high school this year and the change has been good for him. He’s motivated and works hard. Brandon officially entered adulthood just over a week ago. This was a big year since he got his drivers license during the summer. It seems all the family activities that we do we have the thought that “next time we do this Brandon won’t be here”. I think he feels that too. He is excited about his future and is ready to start. He has high goals for himself and has the drive to achieve them. I am excited for him and the changes that are coming during 2011, but also sad that it will be time for him to claim his independence–I guess it’s a bittersweet time.

Yes, they are all growing up. I’m a proud and blessed Mom.