I don’t think we’ve ever had our tree up this early before. Usually we are a family that waits until it is at least December and often into the second week of December before we get our tree. This year it was the Sunday after Thanksgiving–still November! But it was a beautiful winter day and we had all the kids with us, so after the church service we stopped at our local nursery. Ellie and Anna had fun feeding the donkeys. They ate grain right out of their hands. Brandon and Austin were more interested in hanging around the fire pit. It didn’t take us long to find our perfect tree that we all agreed upon. It was a little bittersweet knowing that next year when we get our tree Brandon will probably still be away at school. While they tied the tree to the top of our van we went inside the store. There they had some unusual stuff–“fake” snow called Snow to Go that really felt a bit cold. Everyone had to touch the stuff.

Well, we do have the tree up in it’s place in the front window and the lights are strung all around. It’s been watered faithfully each morning, but it must be getting lonely without any decorations. We haven’t gotten to that part yet. Decorating the tree is on this weekend’s agenda, so it might just be the second week of December before the house is ready for Christmas celebrating after all.