Two weekends ago Jeff and I had the opportunity to spend much needed weekend at the cabin WITHOUT the kids! I love my children so much, but the rest, quiet and couple time was wonderful. We drove up Friday night after Jeff got off work. On Saturday we took in the local craft fair at the school after pushing the boat into the garage for winter storage. We didn’t buy anything but there were many nice things to be had. Then we did a bit of shopping and topped off our outing with lunch at the Pizza Ranch. By mid-afternoon it had started snowing. Things in the cities were much worse (they were getting 6 inches back home) while we only got about an inch. We didn’t find out until later, but apparently Brandon got his first winter driving lesson on the way to debate that morning and slid off the road. He and the car were fine.

Jeff and I had originally planned to go out to a nice dinner to celebrate our birthdays but with the snow and our big lunch and a bottle of wine we decided to stay in for the night. The next morning we awoke to a beautiful winter scene:

As you can tell I loved how the snow stayed on the branches and the tops of the cattails. While I was out photographing all this beauty, Jeff was inside staying warm.