OK, there I said it..I am now officially 47. It happened last week and I survived. Actually it was fun. I started the day by showing up at the Metrodome by 8:15 am to practice on the field with the MVC for our end zone routine. A bit of added pressure was on as the Arizona Cardinal’s cheerleader coach and her captains were there observing in addition to the MVC coaches. After practice the A-team ladies all sang “happy birthday” to me. Then it was time to head outside for more practice for both Anna and myself since both our teams were performing on the Plaza. I dropped Anna off with another All Star Mom and headed to the other side of the dome for a run-through of our Plaza routines with the A-team. I got back to the Plaza in time to see Anna’s team run through their routine. My A-team danced first to “Not Myself Tonight”. It was fun having a large group this time and we really rocked it out.

Then the All Star teams hit the Plaza. Anna was awesome and I am so proud of her. She really gives it her all when she performs.

After the performances on the Plaza the girls all helped with the food drive. Then it was into the dome to watch the game.

It was so much fun dancing in the end zone with the MVC, but I was happy when it was done so I could relax and enjoy the game. I can keep up with those ladies half my age at least through one routine. The Vikings even pulled out a win in over-time for my birthday. Thank you Vikes!

Anna and I stopped for a quick chocolate birthday treat after the game. I arrived home to a clean house (thank you Jeff!). A family dinner complete with cake (decorated by Ellie) capped off my wonderful birthday day.