Last week Ellie made a request that I teach her to play the piano. She was both serious and excited about this. So I dug out my old primer book that I started with for her to use. I noticed that the price tag on the book said, “$1.50”. I wonder what it would cost today. Anyway, I began by teaching her C-D-E using the proper fingers. She practiced C-D-E and then E-D-C over and over again. She was so excited to be playing music. We just had to share this new skill so I called Grammie. After Ellie played for her and Grammie congratulated her on her new skill, I continued to talk on the phone while Ellie continued to practice. A few minutes later I hear Ellie saying “F-G-A”. I went over to the piano and realized that she had figured these 3 notes out all by herself just using the diagram in her book. Here she is at her first lesson:

This kit is also from Heather T and will be available starting tomorrow at her store.

I couldn’t resist capturing this on video also. Thanks for indulging this proud Mom.


In other news, my “Glitter Fairy” layout of Anna in her Halloween costume was featured this week at MyPicTales Blog