Last week for Halloween we were blessed with another wonderful fall weather day. Unfortunately I was a bit under the weather that day. I spent most of Halloween day in bed alternating between watching movies and taking naps. I didn’t want to miss out on the trick-or-treating and luckily I was feeling better by the evening. It was hard for my youngest, Ellie, to wait all day as she was so excited.

Ellie dressed up as a cute witch. She started out carrying her broom, but quickly decided that it got in the way of getting all that candy.

Anna dressed up as a glitter fairy.

Anna’s friends also dressed up as fairies–one was a fire fairy the other a snow fairy.

One of the stops:

And finally, Ellie’s loot:

I didn’t get a picture of Anna’s loot, but she informed me that it included 261 pieces that weighed 9 pounds.