One of the privileges of being on the MVC All Star team is doing community service projects. Anna loves doing these with her team. A few weeks ago the girls had the opportunity to spend some time with the folks at a nursing home on the north end of town. One of the moms works at a local floral store and was able to bring fall flowers and greens to make baskets and mini pumpkins to paint.

The girls prepared the baskets, cut the flowers and greenery and distributed them.

They offered help and worked together to make beautiful baskets.

Some of the ladies hard at work.

This lady is 96 years old and is darn spunky! I loved her.

Another one of my favorite ladies–she was just too cute! I think she and her pumpkin have the same smile.

After the projects were done and cleaned up the girls performed a cheer and spent time visiting. Then the parents treated the girls to a team lunch at Applebees.