Walt Jr. the son on Jeff’s cousin, Becky got married to his sweetheart, Linda on October 2, 2010. It was an opportunity not only to celebrate their marriage, but to spend time with family that we rarely get to see. The marriage ceremony was beautiful.

After the ceremony we went over to Gayna’s house (my sister in law) before the reception since we had a little time to waste.  At the reception, Ellie loved the strawberries on a “straw” from the fruit display and the wedding cupcakes best.

Once the dancing started, Ellie was on the dance floor doing her own thing for every single dance that she could. She was especially excited to dance with the bride during the dollar dance. Ellie, Anna and Matt all danced with Walt too. He had fun spinning the kids around. I even got out on the dance floor for a few numbers before we called it a night.

We were all amazed at Matt’s dancing talent:

Even Ellie picked it up too:

Jeff had a quite ride home since all three of us girls fell asleep.