Brandon joined the debate team at school this year and just like the speech team it means getting up early on Saturday mornings to head to their meets. Last weekend they headed to South Minneapolis. Unfortunately the team didn’t do well, but as part of their judging, the individual presenters get rated on their speeches. Brandon brought home a 4th place trophy for his speech.

We are proud of him.

The same evening was the Homecoming dance. The suit that was purchased last year for speech fits even better this year according to Brandon and he’s getting good use out of it. It was updated with a new tie that Grandma helped him pick out that matched his date’s dress. Since we were gone for the afternoon and evening at a wedding and he picked up his date at her house, I don’t have any pictures. They did take pictures at Daria’s house so I’m hoping that I’ll get some soon.

I actually held his date, Daria, when she was a baby. It turns out that my daughter, Anna’s Dad’s sister-in-law, Char’s sister, Mary is Daria’s mother. (Did you keep that straight?!) It’s a small world.

Austin went to the Homecoming dance too and hung out with friends.