Last weekend we made a quick trip up to Papa’s Cabin. The “We” consisted on Jeff, Elle and myself. And quick was right–we arrived on Friday and left on Saturday. The purpose of the trip was two-fold. First to get our boat in for winterizing (yep it’s that time of year around here) and the second was to participate in the Headwaters bicycle ride with my Dad and brother, Dan.

The lake water levels have been low for the last few years, but this trip we were surprised that the water was actually higher than this summer.

Here’s Ellie checking out the water.

Getting a kiss from my girl after rescuing her from her Daddy doing this:

Getting the boat in for winterizing was easy, the bike ride well….(more about that further on in this post).

Once Jeff got back from dropping off our boat, we decided to take a walk while we were waiting for Papa Lee and Jolene to arrive.

Ellie enjoying the beautiful fall day and collecting a few colorful leaves.

A  slight spill, but she kept on going.

She kept going until we came upon these guys.

This one was more interested in keeping an eye on us than his meal.

While we were cow-watching, Papa Lee and Jolene drove down the road so we headed back to the cabin. They treated us to a wonderful dinner at my favorite local restaurant, La Pasta. Yummy.

Papa couldn’t resist spoiling his youngest grandchild with a new wolf puppy. Of course, Ellie doesn’t mind being a little spoiled by her Papa.

My brother Dan and his family arrived in the evening. We shared some of Jolene’s cheesecake. Papa said he was trying to slow Dan down a bit for the bike ride (it didn’t work).

We (the bike riders) were up early on Saturday and the bikes were already loaded so we headed into town to start our ride. It was typical Headwaters weather: cool and rainy. Usually I’m a fair weather biker, but I was prepared with my rainsuit and lots of layers. This is the 8th time in the past 9 years that I’ve done this ride. Only two of these years has the weather been nice. I skipped the year Ellie was born since the ride was only one month after her birth and no way was I getting on a bike then.

The first 17 miles it continued to rain, but luckily it never rained too hard.

Here we are at the first rest stop at the 17-mile mark. The rain had turned to a mere drizzle by this time. The next segment of the ride is the hilliest, but didn’t seem too bad. I guess all my weight lifting squats have helped. We meet my nephew, Justin, in Nevis at the last rest area. He joined us for the last 12 miles back into town. He did really well. I egged him on at the last 1/2 mile urging him to beat his ol’ Dad and grandpa. Jolene was at the finish line taking pictures (which I’m sure I see soon and will post–Jolene if you’re reading this that’s a hint!). We completed another 45 mile Headwaters bicycle ride. It’s become a tradition for my Dad and brother and me.

After a pizza lunch with more cheesecake for dessert and a shower we headed home. As I said at the beginning, this was a quick trip.