Friday night was the first home football game in town. It was also one of the  most perfect fall nights.  We weren’t there to watch football really. We were there to watch the marching band. It was the first year and will be the only year that Brandon and Austin will be in the band together.  So were were there to watch and cheer on the band (well at least Ellie was doing the cheering).

The band as the took the field.

Welcoming the team to their first home game of the season.

Ellie was so proud to have her big brothers out there. She also loved watching the cheerleaders and the danceline at half time. As for the football, “Now football is where the guys all pile on top of each other?” Um, yeah, I guess you could describe it that way.

Not that you can tell, but Brandon is second from the right in the second row and Austin is somewhere back there in the group that’s standing on the 40 yard line.

All during the game, Ellie kept wiggling that loose tooth in front that was just hanging there. We were afraid that she’d loose it at the game and it would end up down the bleachers somewhere never to be found. The tooth made it through the game (at least until after half-time when we left), but it didn’t make it home.

Third one out–none yet in. School pictures are in3 weeks. She’ll have a toothless grin.