Not only was it “Wacky Hair Day” it was “Pajama Day” and “Pancake Day” all rolled into one last Tuesday. It was the first special “fun” day for Ellie in her new class and she was so excited. Her big sister knew exactly what to do with Ellie’s hair since she is a “Wacky Hair Day” veteran. Anna styled her sisters hair into pony tails, braids and messy buns. Ellie loved her look.

Walking her home from the bus Ellie commented, “Today went really fast.” (Usually it’s been “I’m exhausted.”) So I knew it must have been a good day. Then she said, “Mom, I’m sorry to say but those pancakes were even better than at home. If you would’ve have one you would’ve said so too.”  The next day at school she thanked her teacher for those “delicious pancakes”. Not sure what made them so delicious, but I’m glad she enjoyed them.

Note: this layout is made with my new Fall Solids, Fall Dots and Fall Elements kits available at Faith Sisters