About two weeks ago, just before school started, Ellie and I spent half a day un-decorating, redecorating and cleaning the church in preparation of the fall season with Miss Gail and Miss Gina. We’ve done this before a few times, but this time seemed to take longer than usual, but the work was good. And Ellie was so good. She alternated between helping us and just entertaining herself. Part of her entertainment was to see what she could find in Mommy’s purse. First it was a granola bar, then it was the cell phone to play games and watch videos. When the food was gone and the phone got boring she discovered the camera. First she took a picture of me working:

Then she moved over to the other side of the sanctuary and captured this (those are Miss Gina’s legs):

While I continued to work, Ellie moved out into the narthex (this was the last picture that I knew about and saw her taking):

and found the entryway mat interesting enough to take a photograph:

Then she discovered this and decided that it made the perfect backdrop for a series of self-portraits:

If you don’t know exactly what “this” is. It is a large inflatable donut-type tube that the kids sit in and roll down the hill next to the church doing crazy somersaults and it was sitting in the entryway right next to that interesting mat.