Anna is now officially a middle schooler–at least at her school. Most of the schools in our area start middle school in 6th, but because her school is structured on the Montessori methods, 6th was still considered part of the upper elementary and the 7th and 8th grades constitute middle school. Some of the changes include: having a full-sized locker, having different teachers for different subjects and having a textbook for the first time (for math primarily as a way to ease the kids into a traditional school setting once they leave the Montessori school). Some of the things that have remained the same: she’s been at the same school since first grade, she has the same head teacher she’s had for the past 3 years due to a staffing change, she also gets the same assistant teacher that she’s had for the past 3 years as her new math teacher also due to a staffing change and she’s still with kids that she’s known for 6 years, many of which have become her “best” friends.

Note that backpacks are NOT in. A fancy, sparkly tote is what is needed in middle school.

My amazing Anna, now an amazing middle schooler!

I shouldn’t do this to her on my blog–but hey–I’m the Mom. She’s come a long way since the first day of kindergarten.