Ellie woke up by herself and 7 am (half an hour earlier than needed) and was all dressed before she came out of her room and announced that she was ready for school. I think my girl was a little excited. And she should be, this was to be the first time that she’d go to school and the first time on a school bus. It was her first time at school since we homeschooled kindergarten. It wasn’t her first time on a school bus, but it would be the first time that she’d take the bus to school.  Her big sister, Anna, had helped her pick out her “first day of school” outfit. First day of school pictures in the front yard were mandatory before walking to the bus stop.

I think she’s ready!

After a hug from Daddy…

and one from Mom we headed for the bus stop.

It was a good thing I had thrown a hat into her backpack–the weather was a bit blustery!

Anxiously awaiting the bus.

Running aboard.

Stopping to wave “goodbye” to Mom and Dad.

And she’s off. I got a little teary eyed on the walk home. Jeff teased me. My baby is officially in school. A chapter closes and a new one begins.