The Vikings first home pre-season game was last Saturday. My A-team was performing on the plaza before the game and we were ready with two awesome and fun routines to “Tambourine” and “Dynamite” in addition to SKOL. Anna’s Dad gave us his tickets to the game so we got to see the Vikings beat the Seahawks. Go Vikes!

Michelle and her daughter, Nitalia, were in town. Michelle has danced on the A-team with me since the beginning four years ago and Anna has been a “big sister” to Nitalia as MVC All-Star teammates last year. Their family moved to California this past summer. It was wonderful to see them again and to dance with Michelle at least once this year.

Of course the big draw of the game for most fans was Mr. “One more year” Farve (you can see #4 in action in the photo).  Anna and I love watching the MVC!