Ellie, my baby, my youngest, my little girl turned six on Friday. She is a joy to have in my life (even if she wears me out some days). I love her sense of wonder, I admire her generosity towards others, I can’t start my day out right without snuggling with her.

My baby six years ago…

The first of many snuggles together (I’ve been telling her that she’ll never be too old for “mommy snuggles”).

Good morning and Happy Birthday…Ellie discovered a birthday balloon next to her bed (well it was my bed since she ended up there the previous night).

Right away she wanted her Daddy to help her put together the race track. This set belonged to her big brothers but has been in the toy closet for years. Ellie has been wanting to play with it for about two years, but her Daddy said that she had to be six. Well this day she woke up and she was six so racing was in order.

Ellie ordered muffins that taste like donuts for her birthday breakfast…YUM!

We looked at all of Ellie’s books. I’ve made a scrapbook for each year of her life.

Lunch at the Dairy Queen meant Ellie’s favorite Starkiss for dessert (you know the one that turns your lips first red then blue).

Dinner was another special request–lasagna with homemade bread.

The birthday princess with her toothless grin.

Trying to get her big brother, Austin, to smile.

Excited by what’s inside.

Showing her big sister.

Happy girl.

For her birthday treat Ellie requested a giant cookie. She saw a recipe that used gumdrops but she thought it would be much better with M&Ms.

Ellie with Dad and Mom.

Ellie with her big sister and brothers.

Ellie finally made her brother smile.

Ellie’s disappointed face when Anna told her that she would NOT have any boyfriends this year since she blew out all her candles. Do you think I should be worried?

This was Ellie turning six. She also had a big family party this past Sunday–more on that soon.