You may recall from posts long ago an organization here in town called Funky Minds. Funky Minds is a non-profit committed to providing free quality programming for kids of all ages. The programs are supported by the gifts of time and resources from community members of the town and the surrounding area. It was started about the time we moved here 8 years ago and it continues to be a strong influence on our community and kids. A Funky Minds fixture is everyone’s Grandpa Bill. Bill loves to come and hang out with the kids, hold the babies so Moms get a break and always has treats in his pocket. Ellie started calling him her “‘nother Grandpa” since she decided that she wanted him for a grandpa even if he wasn’t really her grandpa. At the beginning of August Grandpa Bill celebrated his 80th birthday by providing homemade icecream. He want to share his special day with his extended Funky Minds family. Here is a slide show of the highlights:

Another celebration took place a week later to honor Katy, our local Americorps volunteer. Her official service period is over, but lucky for us she says she’ll still be around. I made this layout to thank Katy.