We are so blessed to be able to use my dad’s lake cabin in northern Minnesota for our family get-aways. I always breathe a sigh of relaxation upon arriving.

At the end of July we were able to spend a week at Papa’s cabin.  The cabin is only about a 45 minute drive to the Headwaters of the Mississippi River. It had been a few years since we’ve visited with the kids so one of the mornings was spent splashing in the beginnings of the mighty Mississippi. The girls even figured out how to let the current take them downstream on their backs.

Of course the biggest thing about going the cabin is the lake! We spent many of the hot afternoons boating, tubing and swimming in the lake. Ellie took a few rides on the tube by herself for the first time. She is a pretty brave little girl.

Anna and I got in a few morning bike rides. Twice into Dorset (a 10 mile round trip) and once all the way into Park Rapids (a 22 mile round trip). This was the first year Anna biked to Park Rapids by herself.  She did great.

Those cows greeted us at the beginning of every bike ride. They hang out in the field down the road from the cabin.  One of the days while the men were out fishing I pulled Ellie in the trailer into Nevis to play in the park.

We had more adventures at Itasca State Park, at the lake and eating at Taste of Dorset that I’ll share in Part 2 soon!