Split Rock Lighthouse and grounds are operated by the state historical society. It was packed and since I’ve seen the grounds and building before it really didn’t interest me to deal with the crowds. Adjacent to the grounds is Split Rock State Park and since we had a state park parking sticker we took the other road to the park and hiked along the shore for lake views of the famous lighthouse. It was much more to my liking–no people.

Jeff found a nice hard rock to lounge on while I hiked along the shore for a closer view.

One of the classic views of the lighthouse.

A little further down at the same park is Pebble Beach. I couldn’t resist stepping in the lake. I didn’t last very long–it was COLD.

We drove back into Duluth for dinner. After last night’s impressive dinner at Blackwoods we returned to try something different.

I had the wood-fired salmon. My first bite was heavenly.

Jeff tried the chicken and rib combo. The chicken was the tastiest, juiciest chicken either of us have ever tried. No dessert this night–we were just too full.

I observed a number of odd combinations the rest of the night. First driving through Duluth towards camp there was the Subway/Cigs4Less sign on a building. Then we decided that we’d like a bottle of wine at camp again so we stopped at the local Liquor/Live Bait shop in Gary. The previous night we choose a bottle with a screw-off cap (real classy I know!), but Jeff remembered that his swiss army knife had a corkscrew so we upgraded our selection this night.

The Swiss Army knife corkscrew in action…unfortunately the corkscrew broke off in the cork. But Jeff being the determined man that he is got out the leatherman tool and after some effort managed to open the bottle.

We enjoyed our bottle of wine by the fire with the final odd combination of the evening: merlot and fritos.