“After the fabulous dance show we celebrated with treat at the DQ before heading to the water park. After a quick stop to see Grandma Jolene to get some pictures, the girls were ready to hit the water. Ellie had a hard time saying “goodbye” to Guenther. At the waterpark Aly and Ellie spent most of their time going down the big tube slide together, while Ireland and Anna tried out most everything they had. We all like the lazy river and their wave pool. ”

“Wednesday was the opening of the movie, “Eclipse” which the girls were dying to see. I took the big girls while Ellie spent the afternoon with Grammie.”

Finally our last day in Bismarck:

“Our last day in ND we visited Fort Lincoln to see the Custer House and the Indian village. Both were recreated but had many original items. “Princess Ellie” had a military escort to the house.
We met Grammie for lunch and games at Space Aliens before taking in the movie “Eclipse”. ”

There it is–our North Dakota trip. I see that I am once again way behind in posting my Project 52 photos. Other big news of late is that my oldest, Brandon got his driver’s license last week! More on that later too!