“With the big girls at dance camp, Ellie and I spent the morning at the Heritage Center. She was fascinated with many of the exhibits and was curious as to how the Indians and early settlers made things. We had our traditional photo at “Mommy’s tractor”. Uncle Chris & Norman joined us for lunch at McDonalds. A barnstorming tour was at the airport so I made the girls check it out with me. The planes paraded on the taxiway in front of us before taking off. They circled around and then landed again. I loved seeing the old planes. It made me want to fly again.”

“Mommy’s tractor” really isn’t my tractor at all. Back when I was in college I spent one summer volunteering at the Heritage Center in the Archeology group mostly cataloging bones and pottery. This tractor was being put together that summer and for a few days they needed all the available help to finish the project. So YES I was one of many people that worked on that tractor. It’s my mother’s fault that it got its name. When my nieces were younger Grammie use to take them to the Heritage Center. She started telling them that it was “Auntie Lisa’s” tractor. Naturally when I started visiting with my own children it became “Mommy’s tractor”. And since it is “my tractor” I have to have the traditional photograph each time we visit. I found a few historic shots (I’m sure I have more from pre-digital days) to share with you.