The end of sixth grade for Anna meant another Medallion Ceremony at school. The first year at her school each child receives a medallion and each subsequent year a new ribbon is added. The ceremony takes place in the school’s backyard. The classes come up one at a time to get their medallions. Anna is officially leaving the “upper elementary” class (4th, 5th and 6th grades) for the middle school. But due to some shuffling of teachers at the school, she will have the same teacher, Beth for middle school as well. We love Beth, so it should work out well.

Here is Anna getting a hug from Beth after receiving her medallion:

Anna and a few of her classmates sang “Breakaway”. I am so amazed at how much she loves to perform and isn’t afraid of solos.

I think she and her friends did a great job.

A new feature to the ceremony this year was the WLS Spirit Squad. The Spirit Squad is a new cheer/dance team that was open to anyone in upper elementary or middle school and it was coached by me. The team met once a week learning new skills and routines. I am so proud of my team of 9 young women. They learned a lot and really worked as a team to help each other.

Dancing to “What Time is It?” (sorry I didn’t get the camera working right away and only caught the ending)

“W-L-S, our Spirit Squad’s the Best!”

Their favorite dance to “Let it Rock”

Thank you: Annika, Ali, Aly, Amanda, Anna, Kara, Elisa, Nicki and Monica. It was an awesome year and I am proud to have been your coach.