It was a quick trip, just two days we spent at the beginning of June at Breezy Point. My in-laws had booked the place for the week, but since the kids were still in school for another week we had to keep it short.  (So was it summer since summer vacation was yet to start?) All the bags were packed and waiting by the door. I awoke that morning to find Ellie sleeping amongst the bags probably making sure she wasn’t forgotten. I remember my dog use to to that too. Unfortunately Jeff woke up not feeling well, so he sent me off with the four kids. The half of a cabin that my in-laws had for the week was near the golf course. It was the nicest layout that we’ve had (this is our 3rd trip to Breezy Point) and we enjoyed the bigger deck that we all fit on. My sister in law’s family came for the day and all the kids enjoyed hanging out and playing in the pool. Grandpa treated everyone to pizza for dinner.

The next morning Anna and Ellie wanted to do some more swimming before the cousins came back. It was another milestone day for Ellie–she can swim. She said that she “just figured it out”. She showed off for her Grandpa, Uncle Mark and all the other kids. I was sorry that her Daddy wasn’t here to see it, so I made a short video of her first day swimming:

When the cousins arrived we all headed to the mini-golf course. We did manage to get in our golfing before the rain started, but the kids were disappointed that we couldn’t ride the go-carts. Had lunch hoping that the rain would stop and we could drive the go-carts, but no such luck so we headed home. Jeff was feeling a bit better by the time we got home. The bad news is that within a few hours of arriving home both Austin and I got sick and by the next morning Anna had it too. At least we made it through the weekend.