I did promise a post about Anna’s last concert of the year. She was in more than half of the numbers since she participates in the choir, the Finale band and also the Jazz band. You will notice she is sporting a sparking bandaid to go along with her sparkling outfit. The morning of the concert she got a tetanus shot. This was needed due to the fact that she got a nasty cut between her second and third toes from a bench in the locker room of a waterpark a few days earlier. It probably should of had stitches, but since she was at her Dad’s house I didn’t get to see it for a few days. So we kept it clean and bandaged, put her on antibiotics, let her use crutches to keep the weight off the foot and made her get her tetanus shot a few months early (shots are needed before school starts in the fall). Anyway, she got lots of compliments on her “coordinating” bandaging. Anna also had the honor of choreographing a little dance number to go along with one of the choir songs. Being on crutches prevented her from dancing, but the director gave her all the credit and it was a wonderful touch to the song.

Here is a selection from “Disney Dazzle” in which Anna sings in a small group part:

Next is their flute ensemble (featuring: Sammie, Elisa, Anna and Carol) performing “Somewhere”:

And finally her favorite song in Jazz Band, “Chattanooga Choo Choo”:

Lots of photos to highlight the evening too. Afterwards we had planned to go to the local DQ to celebrate, but it was so crowed we ended up at Culver’s instead. Her director, Ann, and her family showed up as we were leaving. Ann’s dad was also with them and it turns out that Ann’s dad was friends with Anna’s Grandpa Don and Grandma Carol from law school days. Small world kind of stuff.  He was happy to meet Don’s granddaughter.