Ellie, my youngest, seems to be featured the most lately. I guess that’s because she’s the one that still spends a lot of time with me.

Last month she discovered her big sister, Anna’s, old EZ Bake oven in the back of the cabinet. She begged me to let her use it to bake her own cake in her own oven. So we finally got around to it last month. Ellie is quite good at cracking eggs and stirring the batter. The EZ Bake oven works by cooking with a light bulb. It worked fine at the beginning and Ellie was excited. But when I tried to remove the cake somehow it slipped down into the oven. I wasn’t sure where it went, so I quickly unplugged the oven and ran downstairs to the office to get a screwdriver to remove the back of the oven and rescue the cake. Luckily it had fallen in an open area and not on the light bulb. After Ellie looked at the oven (now in a few pieces thanks to my screwdriver work) and at the cake (not exactly appetizing) she said, “Maybe we should use the big oven.” So that’s what we did. Now we know why the EZ Bake oven was in the BACK of the cabinet.

The weather started warming up around her about two weeks ago. The quick warm up prompted the melting of all our snow and hence the flooding. But we did enjoy getting out and doing the “warm” weather activities. Warm is relative and for us that meant about 60 degrees. Ellie was thrilled to be able to get on her skateboard and practice going down the driveway. She had amazingly good balance.

About two months ago Ellie and I were out shopping. That girl does love to shop. I truely belive that she inherited the “Nana shopping gene”. (Nana is my grandma) Anyway she fell in love with this soft, cuddly lamb lovey so much that she was willing so spend her own money. It has been a constant bedtime companion ever since. Even though it is not the color pink, its name is Pink.

We’ve been to the neighborhood park two or three times already this spring. Ellie loves climbing, sliding and swinging.