“It” refers to our recent flooding events along the Minnesota River close to home. According to the Chaska Herald, this flood which has closed the three closest bridges was the fifth highest on record.

“According to a city of Chaska report issued this morning, 2010 joins the top five Minnesota River high-water marks.

1. April 12, 1965: 34.25

2. June 25, 1993: 32.78

3. April 19, 2001: 32.27

4. April 14, 1997: 31.74

5. March 24, 2010: 29.90″

Since we live on top of a hill, our home was perfectly safe during this recent event. The biggest inconvenience is to my husband who works on the other side of the river. All last week and all of this week he has had to detour about 15 miles total out of his way to access an open bridge across the river. Hopefully with the waters already dropping the bridges will be open soon.