The MVC All Stars purple team took the stage with “Get Up” showcasing their pom and high kick skills. The team competitions are held in the auditorium of the Minneapolis Convention Center. The first few rows are kept open for fans of the team performing, but you need to get into position and move quickly between the group performances. I had two cameras ready–one for video and one for  photography (making use of continuous shooting mode). This was the first of two routines that the team would compete in that day.

Anna showed off her amazing high kicks and winning smile in this routine.

When I caught up with the team after their performance Anna was in tears saying she hurt her foot. I did see her miss just a few counts of the routine towards the end, and that is when it happened she said, but you would’ve never known it since she kept going. Well, after we got her seated with her foot up and shoes off, a very friendly EMT named Andrew checked her out. Nothing major was damaged, an over stretched achilles tendon that we iced on and off for a few hours. We had Andrew paged to look at it again before her last performance and by that time she was able to flex her foot with no pain and walk ok on it. So off she went. I’ll leave you with a video of their performance and follow up with their hiphop routine later.

They took second place in their division for this one.