After last weekends UPA competition all my  time this week was filled with taking care of sick kids. Of the four kids, three of them were sick during the week. They took turns so there was only two at a time. In addition one of those sick days I only had cold water (there was a crack in my hot water heater) and then the following day I had no water for half a day (while they replaced the hot water heater). Somehow we mangaged and I now appreciate the blessing of HOT water.

Week 7 shows Anna and some of the cast from the Sound of Music performing before church to create excitement about their upcoming performances (which I saw last night and will report on later).

Week 8 just had to focus on the UPA dance competition. I took over 300 photos during the less than 6 minutes of dancing time. Continuous mode is wonderful. I picked this one even though it doesn’t show her face. I loved the compostition and the energy. I am working on a few layouts of the UPA weekend that I’ll be posting later for all to see.

Anna is in the center on the outside. Gotta love those pointed toes. Just wait till you see her high kicks.