For Ellie, getting ready for the Valentine’s Ball meant finding the perfect outfit. I took her shopping while her big sister was at dance practice. Somehow even at age 5 she knew exactly where the Justice store (a favorite of the pre-teen) was in the mall. It didn’t take her long to gather a sparkly skirt, top and bracelet to try on.

She loved the look of course, but I said “no” to the skirt since it was way too big (you might see a glimpse of the hanger clipping the skirt together in the back).

Then she tried on this one.

“It doesn’t spin, but it’s SASSY.” declared Ellie. Sassy indeed my girl.

Finally one that she loved, one that could spin and one that is my photo of the week.

Big sister, Anna, was also getting ready.

Next weekend she competes at the United Performing Arts national competition in Minneapolis. This year her team is competing in two categories on Saturday and she is participating in two individual events on Friday. As an individual she is competing for the All American Dance award which includes an interview and a one minute dance solo, then she is also competing in the high kicks competition. I am so proud of her for challenging herself and for having the courage to get out there in front of the judges.