Both Anna and I had the opportunity to perform alongside the Minnesota Viking Cheerleaders in their annual Holiday Show at the Mall of America recently. Here we are sitting on the edge of the stage before the show.

Anna was especially excited to be performing at the MOA (this is BIG time for around here). My husband called earlier to let me know that his parents were planning on coming so I wasn’t surprised to see my Mother-in-law, Penny, before the show got underway, but I was surprised to see that Jeff’s cousin, Miriam and family also came out to the show. I lost sight of them in the crowd once the show got started. As I danced the first of two songs I didn’t see my family, but as I was waiting the the wings for the second dance I looked up and there they all were on the next floor up all waving frantically at me. I waved my pompoms back and had all the other ladies waiting with me do the same. They got a kick out of that. I was grateful that I was done dancing before Anna’s team performed. I can’t tell you all the emotions that swell up inside of me when I see that girl of mine perform. I’ll just say that I’m so very proud of her.  My Father-in-law, Earl treated us to dinner afterwards. 

So here we are:

The MVC Ateam (alumni team) peforming “Good Time” and “Nothin’ But a Good Time” (one country and one rock, but both a good time…):

And the MVC All Star Purple Group peforming to “Run It Back”:

I love being able to perform with such awesome ladies both young and old. 

Once an MVC

Always an MVC.