At the beginning of the month Anna attended a weekend at the Concordia Language Village in norhtern Minnesota. It was her third year at the Spanish immersion camp. At the final banquet for the weekend the staff gives out awards to campers. Anna recieved the coveted “disco globa” /super espanol award for outstanding Spanish speaking throughout the weekend.

In addition to the sparkly award, she came home with sparkly blue eyes too.

A love of knock knock jokes has fueled Ellie’s funny bone lately. She will try out all sorts of responses and if the joke falls flat she says “nah” and tries again. She has also been asking people to share their favorite knock knocks with her. I think she’s developed rather good timing in her joke telling. So for your entertainment, a few knock knock jokes from my 5 year old:

The photo of the week–Ellie trying a lemon: