For the first time in almost a year, Jeff and I had the opportunity to have an entire weekend to ourselves. The weekend was spent up at Papa’s Cabin in northern Minnesota. Besides having time without the kids, we did have the additional motivation of getting our boat winterized. After dropping off the boat we headed to Itasca State Park, home of the Mississippi River headwaters. The tamarack trees were in full color and hadn’t dropped their needles yet. They are one of the few species of conifer trees that are deciduous. The photo of the week is taken right at the headwaters with the gorgeous tamarcks in the background.

week 43 itasca

On our hike we saw this growing on fallen logs:


Swans soaring overhead:


 and colorful leaves:


After a light lunch (spliting the best bbq pork sandwich and snickers sundae), the boat was ready to be picked up. Boat in the garage, tucked in for the winter and it was time to get ready for dinner at our favorite restaurant, The Boulders. I had a wonderful salmon and Jeff had a tasty porkchop. Jeff thought we should do this all again next month..maybe we should.