Only a few weeks behind in my reporting on this blog. Week 38  included the start of the Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) class that Ellie and I attend on Wednesday mornings together. This year we are studying the book of John. It’s our third year in the program. I love that the children’s leaders present the same scriptures that I am studying each week and include learning how to have a quiet time with God. I’m treasuring these moments since I know that next year Ellie will be in school all day. Here is what my “fashionable” girl wore the first day of Bible study:


The week also included getting stuck with a flat bicycle tire 10 miles from home. Thanks to my neighbor for coming to my rescue. After telling Ellie of my adventure and rescue she wanted to visit and explore the town where I got stuck. So on our next Mommy day I packed up a picnic lunch for us to enjoy at this scenic spot:


Besides our lunch and exploring I got in a lesson on the concept of subtraction–amazing how fast those animal cookies disappeared!

Jeff, Ellie and I visited a local wetland rehabilitation site. Ellie was facinated with milkweed plants.


I was facinated with these bugs-which is my photo of the week:


Anna was busy this week too, completing her Red Cross babysitting certificate:


Way to go Anna! I am proud of you!