This blog was interrupted for the past few weeks by a hard drive failure on my desktop computer. Praise God that no data was lost as I have been very good at backing up things! Got the computer back middle of last week with an all new even bigger hard drive and have been spending time re-loading all the important stuff. So there is much to catch up on.

Week 36 encompassed labor day weekend and the start of school for my kids. My nephews, Justin and Reed spent the holiday with us so their parents could spend some time packing up their house. They move in two weeks. They were super little gentlemen and we enjoyed having them.

On one of the mornings I fixed french toast. Reed looking skeptially at me asked, “Are these as good as Grammie’s?” (He had been recently spoiled at Grammie’s house.). I told him, “Well, Grammie is the one who taught me how to cook.”. His big brother, Justin, told him “Then they should be good.” Reed took his first bite, got a big grin on his face and pronounced that my french toast was as good as Grammie’s! Now that’s a compliment! 

All four of my kids started a new school year. Brandon in 11th grade at the new high school, Austin in 8th, Anna in 6th, and Ellie in K. I am doing Ellie’s Kindergarten year in two ways: homeschooling a few days a week and also a few days a week in a PreK program at the same daycare that she has attended since she was two. So this was the first year Ellie got ready for her first day of school.

The week’s photo is a collage that includes the kid’s over the holiday weekend and also the girl’s first day of school: