fiveIt had to happen sooner or later and I guess it did take five years. Five years of amazement at the things that she is learning, five years of caring and loving, five years of being a mom to my second little girl. Just this morning she drew a picture of what she looked like when she was a baby–she got it pretty close I think.

newbornellie copy

One week ago my baby turned 5. She started the morning with a special “princess” birthday balloon by her bedside. For breakfast Ellie and Daddy made pancakes with both white chocolate Christmas chips and chocolate chips. They were yummy. After breakfast Anna and I set up a birthday spa and treated Ellie to a manicure, foot massage, hair style and makeover. She loved the special treatment. Lunch was her choice at Culvers. Before heading home we checked out Beadville and bought some beads to make a birthday necklace which we did together. Later in the afternoon Grammie arrived. This is the first time Grammie has been in town for Ellie’s birthday. Grammie and Ellie worked on decorating the cake with lots and lots of sprinkles. Grammie made Ellie the most adorable “spinning” dress. Here are highlights from her birthday day:


Her big party was on Saturday. Besides Grammie being in town, her Papa Lee and Grandma Jolene made it too! It was their first time at a birthday party too. Of course, Grandma Penny and Grandpa Earl were there–they haven’t missed one yet. Ellie had requested a “rainbow” cake, which I made using jelly beans. Daddy arranged a number of games for the kids to play in the backyard and even managed to get the teens involved in a few of them. The aunts, uncles and cousins helped to celebrate the day.


And here is Ellie with her cake:


Finally, since Ellie’s birthday was the highlight of the week, a birthday photo deserved to be my photo of the week: