As promised I did finally complete the layouts I wanted to make to document our first weekend (which was Memorial Day weekend) at the lake. I literally had my camera in hand snapping photographs every hour we were there (and I was awake). It was a fun weekend with my brother’s family and me and the girls. I’ve been to the lake two more time since then. I think this will end up turning into a mini-album of the lake this summer. Here is Memorial Day weekend:







monmay25L-webmonmay25R-webNow that just means two more lake weekends to scrap. The other two weekends I wasn’t in “document” mode, but I did take lots of pictures (as usual).

Yesterday for the 4th of July holiday we had rain on and off all day. I managed to get in a bicycle ride in the morning with only a few sprinkles. It poured in the afternoon, but we were blessed that the skies cleared by evening in time for the local fireworks show. Ellie did a few sparklers at home before we left for the show. In her own words, the fireworks “rocked”. Anna was at her Grandma’s cabin and she and the cousins were in a small town parade–sounded like she had fun.