I am so proud of myself. I did it! I completed all 30 days of the June Create A Day (CAD) challenge at jessicasprague.com. Ok, so I admit I took an extra day to complete my final layout, but creating 30 layouts in 31 days is a rather productive accomplishment. Here is my work from the last week:

Day 22: My digi-journey (I started 2 years ago with Jessica’s very first Up and Running Class and I’ve never looked back! This layout includes some of my work from that very first class in the top row and progressing through some of my more recent layouts.)


Day 23: Template (I showcased my daughter, Anna, getting her Bronze Award in Jr. Girl Scouts. The Bronze award is one of the top awards at this level and she and her troop worked for over a year to meet all the requirements–way to go Anna!)


Day 24: Movie Poster Inspiration (inspired by the 4 colorized photo collage from the new “Star Trek” movie–which by the way is awesome even if you are not a trekkie)


Day 25: b2&w+1 (black, brown and white plus one other color) One of my other projects for this year is to take a self-portrait every month and make a layout. I’ve been taking the photographs, but a bit behind on the layouts. This challenge helped me with my self-portrait project.


Day 26: Screen shot (I’ve been spending so much time a the lake this summer so here is a glimpse for you)


Day 27: In Just One Line (My dear digi friend, Shell, welcomed her new son to the world on the 25th-a little early, but he is doing great– and I couldn’t resist scrapping his precious sweetness)


Day 28: 1-2-3-4 (inspired by the Plain White T’s song by the same name and filmed in Chicago where we held our very first Spraguefest one year ago–thanks Liv for the challenge and the memories) Use one font, two brushes, three colors and four photos. Anna took these of herself and some friends on the last day of school–fun times.


Day 29: By Hand (use only handwriting fonts). Ellie’s first tube ride last weekend.


Day 30: Web Inspiration


Whew! That’s all for now!