Ellie and I were treated to songs and skits in Spanish last Friday at Anna’s school. All the skits were their own variations on “Los Tres Cerditos” or the Three Little Pigs. For class, Anna and a few friends had to create the drama, write in out in Spanish, memorize it (if they could) and then perform it for their families. I was concerned about Ellie’s attention span especially since she wouldn’t be able to understand what was being said. We discussed what a good audience was before we got there and I came prepared with Jr. Mints. I gave Ellie a Jr. Mint prior to the show starting and then one between each of the 19 acts “if” she was a good audience. IT WORKED. Not only did she sit and stay quiet, she actually was getting into the presentations despite the language barrier. I guess kids being silly can relate no matter what the language.

Anna and Statia came up with an animal alphabet song that they also illustrated. Then Anna, Hannah, Statia and Carol presented “La Loba Fabulosa”. La loba’s crown was provided by Ellie (she felt very proud to be able to help out).