I successfully completed all 7 scrapbook layout challenges for the week at jessicasprague.com.

Day 1: creatively use Liv’s gorgeous template (thanks Liv)


Day 2: practice layer masking skills and experiment with brushes


Day 3: scrap about a favorite inanimate object (for me I picked a place)


Day 4: incorporate a song lyric


Day 5: share a secret


Day 6: stick with the given color scheme (I even made all my own papers for this one)


Day 7: dig deep in your photos and select photo(s) that you’ve always meant to scrap but never got around to (I found this photo of my grandma, Nana, and her friend and my godmother, Mary B. taken in 1987. Nana’s birthday is next week so I guess that’s why she’s been on my mind. Nana has alzheimer’s and while she is doing well physically, she doesn’t recongnize family. I miss her. Mary passed away a number of years ago.)


If you’d like to see some more awesome creations check out the challenge gallery at http://www.jessicasprague.com/cpg/thumbnails.php?album=8

The 7 Days in May was just a warmup for June. This month there is a new challenge every day. I’ll post more on that later.