Thursday night was Anna’s last concert of the school year. She participated in two bands (as she got to move up a band at the end of the year) and the choir. Just two nights before this she slammed her index finger in the garage door just above the knuckle. The way it bruised and hurt her, I’m sure the little bone was damaged. I just happened to have an old splint in the first aid box that I used about 15 years ago when I broke my thumb by slamming in a car door (yes, I did it to myself). Anna removed the splint for the concert and played beautifully.

The Entracte Band (the band she’s been playing with all year) played this number from “The Pirates of the Caribbean”. Anna also introduced the number.

Anna’s favorite song from the choir, “Side by Side”:

The Finale Band (which is the band she got to move up to at the end of the year) is featured in these two numbers: “Phantom of the Opera” and “Mission Impossible”