Saturday was Ellie’s big day–her very first dance recital! Lot of tap practice had been going on for months in her Saturday morning class in preparation for the show. She needed to be at a local high school for rehersal early in the morning. The dance classes first practiced their final bows and then each class had the opportunity to practice on the stage. Ellie’s class was performing third from the end so that meant they had to wait nearly 1.5 hours backstage before getting their turn to practice. I was so proud of how good all the girls were sharing their toys and snacks to pass the time. We had time to relax at home for a few hours before heading back for showtime.

Waiting in line backstage:


Ellie with Mom and big sister, Anna before the show:


A final kiss for luck:


Passing the time waiting by coloring, playing and hanging out with friend, Lauren:



Finally it was their turn on stage. They danced to “Polly Waddle Do Dah”. With the slippery metal taps, Ellie fell down twice during the performance, but picked herself up and kept right on dancing. A few times she stopped dancing altogether for a few seconds while her curiosity got the better of her to gaze up at the stage lights. Then she’d remember where she was and joined back in. Just before the end of the routine she lost a shoe. Now I am sitting in the audience watching this and thinking how could that happen since I know her shoes are getting tight (she’d had them all year) and I made sure I double knotted the laces (that was more than an hour earlier). But she also handled that well, by sitting down, replacing the shoe on her foot, getting up and ending the dance. She was the last one to exit the stage at the completion of their routine. Some bigger kids came onstage before she got off and she was cut off from the rest of her group and surrounded by these big kids. She got a chuckle from the audience as she looked up at them and then quickly ran around behind them. The mystery of shoe why the shoe came off was simply answered when I noticed that there were NO laces in either shoe when I picked her up. Who knows how that happened?!

The final bow:





Ellie with her teacher, Miss Amy:


Ellie got her first roses, one from Mom and Dad, and one from Grandma and Grandpa. She also got a medal:


Grandma and Grandpa came to the performance (and for you other grandparents reading this that are out of town, we did order the dvd so you can watch later):


Ellie with her big sister and big brothers who came to support their little sister:


Finally here is Ellie with Mom and Dad–we’re so proud of you girl: