Sunday was such a beautiful day (finally) that we just had to get out to enjoy it. Jeff, Ellie, Austin and I headed down to the path along the creek near our house. I just loved this shot where Ellie got her big brother to hold her hand (at least for a few minutes) so I knew it had to be my photo of the week. While Ellie was in the lead on the trail she startled a wild turkey or should I say the turkey startled her. Then Ellie threw stick after stick after stick in to the rushing water and watched her “boats” race down the creek.  Jeff made sure she didn’t fall in. Austin explored and found a new pet–a small tan colored snake. He later learned that this was a brown snake. Ellie decided later at dinner that his name should be “Mr. Brown”. Now if you know me, you will know that I am really NOT at all fond of snakes of any sort (did you catch the emphasis on NOT). But I did agree that the snake could stay in the old aquarium in the garage. Funny thing is, I actually caught myself checking on this snake yesterday after getting out of the car–me who really does not like snakes (really I don’t). Here is a layout featuring this outing: