A “Celebrate the World” performance was held last week at Anna’s school. The older classes had to try out for a spot in the show. Anna was selected to perform a piano piece entitled, “Jocularity”. I think she would’ve rather been selected for the flute or the singing group she tried out in, since she likes those things better. Piano is something she doesn’t think she’s very good at, but for only taking lessons for three years, I think she does great (and obviously so does her music teacher). Hear for yourself:

The other activity going on the same night at school was the learning fair. Many of the children participated by reseaching a topic of their choice and preparing a display board. Anna has been so into cheerleading this past year (as you maybe could tell from previous posts), that it was a natural choice for her project this time.


She has studied diverse topics over the years. I went back and pulled photographs from previous learning fairs where she researched: Russia; Rocks & Fossils; Dams; Sharks; Horses; and Moose (her favorite animal).