The annual MVC Alumni banquet was held earlier this month. It was only the second year that I’ve attended. After about at 20-year hiatus from the MVC organization, I joined the newly formed MVC A-Team (the “A” stands for alumni) last year and reconnected with some old cheerleader friends and made lots of new ones. Yes, twenty-some years ago I was a Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader. I still think I am in a rather unique position having been both a professional cheerleader and a professional engineer. Here’s proof:



Back to the banquet. Last year Jeff was one of about 5 men present and although he was a good sport at the time he declined to attend this one. He passed considering it a “girls night” event. He was right. There were even fewer men in attendance this year. A few of the 80’s ladies braved the old costumes and performed the original “Vikings” song that we hummed and sang along to cheer them on. They were awesome! Then Lisa S. had those of us from the first few years of the team come up with her as she reminiced about how things use to be. The MVC team celebrated 25 years this past year. Lisa S. also won this year’s alumni award–way to go Lisa! The women that I’ve come to know that have represented the MVC over the years are not only obviously beautiful on the outside, but beautiful on the inside too. They are genuine and amazing women that I’m proud to be associated with.


mvcalum2One final note: my friend, Tami who is herself an MVC alumni (and is shown above in photo 8 with me) and who is also the current MVC coach, was named Mrs. Minnesota just one week after our banquet. I’m so happy for her. Congratulations Tami! See more information on Tami and her new title here: