project52bannerA day off from school and what do the girls do? They go shopping of course! I’ve always said that my Ellie inherited the Nana shopping gene. (Nana is my grandmother). But this shopping trip was a hoot. Ellie lead the way into store after store picking out “cute” clothes, holding ladies-sized shirts up to herself in the three-way mirrors. Then she spotted the shoes (and these were ladies shoes) in the back and before I knew it off came her little tennis shoes and her pink socked feet were placed in a pair of black high heeled pumps. Between laughing and trying not to cause a scene in this store I did remember to get my camera out:


Back at home, Anna gave Ellie a full makeover (I mean hair, makeup and clothes). She then taught her little sister to “walk” down the runway (in this case the back hallway). Ellie had the walk, she had the pose, she had the pout and oozed attitude to the max. See for yourself: