Happy Engineers Week! Most of you probably didn’t know such a recognition existed, but it does and it’s happening now. Started in 1951 by the National Society of Professional Engineers to highlight the achievements of the engineering profession and to stir public awareness of engineering, it’s celebrated the week of President’s Day in the United States. So here is a little bit of public awareness on my blog. As an engineer, I am celebrating two ways this week. First with a card to all my friends that have helped make my 10 years in my own consulting business possible (such a great excuse to digi-scrap for business!):


And to wrap up the week on Friday with the annual E-Week Awards Dinner. Individuals and companies will be honored at the dinner. I get the role of official “hand shaker” and “congratulator” as chair of the planning committee. It’s a job I love! A long time ago I was on the other end of the “handshake” when I received the Minnesota Young Engineer of the Year Award in 1999 at this same dinner and then went on the win the National Society of Professional Engineers Young Engineer of the Year Award that July. Yep, 10 years ago they still called me “young”.


It was winning this award that gave me the push to start the consulting business I call LATZ Engineering. So if you’re an engineer or not, Happy Engineers Week.