Another of God’s attributes in the bi-weekly challenge from faith sisters: PROTECTOR. I can’t help but relate that to God as my rock. My scripture for this is Psalm 31:3.


Actual physical rocks have always played an important role in my life. My parents have always told me that I picked up my first rock at 8 months old shortly after I learned to walk. It was a piece of Boston sidewalk. I quickly learned to be more discriminating. Every place we visited was another opportunity to  add to my ever growing rock collection. We moved a lot when I was young, but my parents always allowed me to have one box of rocks. And it was always labelled “Lisa’s Rocks”. The movers always thought we were joking about moving rocks–that is until they had to carry that box. I became so serious about my rock collection that in second grade I entered a science fair and won a blue ribbon.


Little did I know that this lifelong passion would turn into a career in geotechnical engineering.  All that time spent as a child collecting rocks and digging in the dirt actually came in  handy. I still love to look for special rocks to add to my collection and now my kids like to join in too. God was directing my life long before I knew it. He has always been my rock and my protector.