This is it–my new photography challenge for 2009. Many friends have joined the Project 365 craze which to me would drive me crazy just trying to keep up. (Project 365 = taking a photograph every single day, hence the 365). The December Photo a Day was great, but it was enough for me for awhile. But I also loved the challenge of pushing myself with taking pictures. So thanks to Aja over at Scrapartists, I have the Project 52 Challenge.


Similar to the Project 365, but with less pressure–post the best (or only) photo of the week. I can do that. So here is week 1:

week-1-webEllie got new play dough for Christmas. Not one, but a whole family of snails were created (and by the way they are all lined up to watch a movie).

And yes, I am still procratinating on completing the last layout for Design Your Life. Week 12–you will get done this week!