This is my challenge for the year: Focusing on God’s attributes and names–a new one every other week. The first attribute is HOLY. For details on this challenge see:

Psalm 33:21 is the verse I picked for this challenge:

holy-webIt reminds me that I should praise Him because I can trust Him. His plans are good, pleasing and perfect. My little one decided all on her own that Jesus needed a birthday cake on his birthday. So we set to mixing and baking together on Christmas day while the rest of the family was gone. I asked her, “why was Jesus born?”. Now keep in mind this child is only 4, but after thinking about this question for a few minutes she finally replied, “to take away our sins”.  Only one Holy could do that for us. Only one Holy could love us that much. Only one Holy has earned our trust. Only one Holy deserves our rejoicing.